Tricks to TRACE LOST iPads, iPhone, iPods

How can you find your lost iPhone, iPad, or misplaced iPod Touch, and even Mac when it is misplaced? Is there any tracking software or iPhone app which you can install in these gadgets which will help you in tracking your missing iPhone or iPad and find where you misplaced your expensive gadget. Find Lost iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac There [...]

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Tricks to Create WP SEO Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs is the link trail you see on top of many web pages which defines site structure. Many new rich snippets are possible with schema org implementation, which allows webmasters to implement code which allows search engines to understand your breadcrumbs and display them in results. Google Webmasters advices that the code is very strict, can be implemented in Microdata [...]

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Trick to lock your Computer Screen in WIN7

I encourage my visitors to lock their computers. Security, after all, is everyone’s business. But often gentle encouragement is not enough. Sometimes, more persuasive methods are necessary. The quickest way to lock your computer screen is to just use the Win+L¬†keyboard shortcut. Some people prefer to use the mouse to lock the workstation, however, or would just like to have [...]

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Keyboard shortcut Tricks to impress with WINDOWS 7

Anyone working professionally with a computer has their hands on the keyboard most of the time. Reaching for the mouse can be an annoying disturbance and personally I often turn over my mouse in such situations. An easy solution is to simply keep the hands on the keyboard and complete as many tasks as possible with keyboard shortcuts only. Apart [...]

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JustCloud – The Easiest Way to Store Your Files in the Cloud

What does JustCloud do? JustCloud uses a small desktop application to backup on the cloud all of your computers files. Your files are constantly backed up and you can access them at anytime from any device in the world by logging in to the JustCloud online control panel. To test the cloud backup features go here put your name and [...]

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