K9 web protection is one of the best Internet Filter available in the market today and it’s also a freeware. It protects you and your family from visiting certain websites based on the categories you have chosen. In the setup tab you will find more than 60++ categories are available to block website related to that categories. So you have a greater control over blocking sites to a particular topic like porn site, illegal sites etc.

About K9 Web protection:

K9 web protection is a product of Blue Coat. Blue coat uses unique web filtering technology for filtering the Internet. It divides the content into different categories and stores in their database. These categories are stored in the master Blue Coat database, through which the maintain and update more than 15 million ratings of websites and domains. These database are updated frequently based on the content of the website or domain. These different categories allow you to select which category website must block visiting or allow visiting.

How to use Blue Coat K9 web protection?

  1. Firstly download K9 web protection software
  2. During installation it will ask License key, get yours free license key from here and install k9 software.

Configuring K9 Web Protection:

After installation of K9 web protection run that application it will open in your default browser. In that select  setup option or setup tab,  you will see “Web Categories to Block” option below to that select Custom option and check the categories which you would like to block or filter the website and click Save option.  If any one trying to visit the website which are currently blocked, then it will display the “Category Blocked” by k9 software. If you wish to visit that site then you  need the password, which is provided during configuration.


  • Software is very small in size (620 kb).
  • No need to update database.
  • Easy to use and it’s free.
  • It won’t take much cpu memory.
  • It records the Internet Activity (records the URL that we visited and stored in appropriate categories ).
  • Password protected application.
  • We can also provide the website url for exception.
  • We can restrict based on time too using Time Restrictions option.
  • It won’t  slow down our Internet speed.


  • Some times it blocks good content too.

Screen Shot:

K9 web protection internet filter