It seems like a long time ago, but it has actually only been a few years since marketing campaigns were all print based. Today, the Internet offers businesses the technology to reach customers in whole new ways. The diversity in the argument of “print versus internet” has brought about the arrival of a new tool for services, integrated marketing.

Based on business development and branding, the benefits of this new medium are many. It offers numerous advantages over older marketing services and even some newer ones.

This article offers an overview of the benefits along with a look at why working with a single, specialized company is crucial to success in today’s business environment.

A Definition of Integrated Marketing

This technique brings together a range of different tactics, offering them at one time so they become one complete solution. Instead of looking at it in terms of several independent services, this solution bundles them together as one service.

The main difference between combined services and others is that one is managed by a single company while the other may involve a number of businesses. By working only with one company, you don’t have to worry about services crossing over or doubling up. As one business handles all of the different forms, they become experts in your business. This thorough understanding leads to success, which is nearly impossible when working with several at the same time.

The Need for combined Services

The need for bringing tactics together in one place began long before the Internet, although this form is often credited with the realization of combined services.

There has been a need for creating centralization in this area for as long as there have been firms specializing in this area. Businesses have most always preferred working with a single company instead of dealing with several for essentially the same thing in the end – marketing.

Before the Internet, proficiency in all areas was hard to maintain because it was difficult to keep up with the latest techniques. Today, one company can easily possess the expertise needed to provide excellent services, including the newest form online.

The Magnitude of Internet Marketing

Many companies today choose to focus the majority of their efforts online instead of other forms. While this can produce some results, it is still best to take a combined approach and not neglect any profitable areas. By working with a firm that uses an combined approach, you will benefit, as potential customers will be exposed to your message in a number of mediums and not just via the Internet.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a company in Atlanta or integrated marketing for Chicago is profitable as long as you choose the right company for your business. The coordinated effort they implement will get your products or services out to the customers who need them.