Copy Text and Save Images when Right Click Disabled WebsitesWhen I was searching online I found some website have disabled copying text from website and copying Images form there site. Blocking text and images means that they are not allowing peoples to copy there articles and copy there images. They simply provide articles to read only and not to copy. But sometimes we need to copy some of the lines from the website those who have blocked copying text and images from there site. So today i will show you “how to Enable Right click option” when website blocked Right click option.

How to enable Right click on blocked website:

Usually website uses JavaScript to block Right click option on there site so, if we disabled Running such Java Script on our browser we will be able to copy text and save images form Right click disabled site.

Disable Java Script execution in FireFox browser:

  1. Go to Tools –> Options
  2. enable right click option in firefox browser

  3. In content tab Uncheck the box saying “Enable JavaScript” and click ok
  4.  How to Select and Copy Text from Restricted Website

  5. Now Restart your browser

Disable JavaScript execution in Internet Explorer browser:

  1. Go to Tools –> Internet Optionshow to copy text from website,  how to copy images from websites
  2. In Security tab select Custom level option
  3.  how to save pictures when right click is disabled

  4. Look for  Scripting option and select Disable option
  5. how can i copy a picture online if the right click is disablled on the mouse

  6. Now Restart your browser.

That’s it now can copy text and save images from Right click disabled website. After completing copying don’t forget to enable Java Script.

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