windows vista box 300x297 How can we change Shut Down button in Windows Vista

Are you using windows vista O.S ? and tired of clicking small shout down button in vista ? If the answer is yes for the above question then this post is for you anyway if the answer may be NO but knowing this trick is not bad so come let’s see how can we change default shut down button in windows vista.

Windows vista has enhanced feature has compared to windows xp some of them are display property, great security for online user and graphics and some other. Even though having a positive feature it also contains some drawback i.e shut down button, refresh option etc.

So in this post i am talking about shut down button. In vista by default the shut down button placement is not so gud see the below image

Old shut down option

the above image is the default shut down button i.e to shut down we to click small arrow > (no 1) and then we need to select Shut down (no 2) isn’t boring to do such process ? yes, defiantly it is not a good placement  so i am going to explain how can we change that shut down button.

To change shut down button of vista just follow the simple steps:

  1. In the first step we need a software called Tuneup-utilities 2009 if you don’t have you can download it here
  2. After installing open it and navigate to Customize windows >> Tuneup system control >> Adjust Start Menu and Taskbar as shown below


  3. After completing the above steps a new menu will opens. In that select General tab(by default it will come no worry about it) see power off button optionshutdown3
  4. In power off button click on Drop down menu see the image

    changing-vista-shut-down-button-in-vistain that select shut down computer option and click  Apply and Ok.

Now you are done you shut down button is now changed see the below image


now onwards you can turn off easily without risk : )

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