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Trick to use a VHD to boot Win 8 on Win7!!!

There were many questions being arised in the early stages of the release of  WIN 8 about the ability to dual boot. After much long trials the abouttricks team has come out with the solution to perform win 8 boot on win 7 platform. Initially you are suppose to install WIN 8 by separately partitioning on a VHD (Virtual Hard [...]

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Hot WIN 8 TRICKS !!!

Microsoft’s release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview generated over a million downloads after just one day. Some people are already using this new version of Windows 8 and discovering some interesting tricks and some hidden features.Abouttricks suggests you some of the more interesting features that have been uncovered. Fast access to system-management tools If you aim the mouse pointer [...]

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Prime Blog Proofreading Tips

Need some Proofreading Tips? Not only you, everybody is having problems with proofreading. One thing you should know is that a great post usually gets lots of people to head in and enjoying reading beyond the first paragraph of the post. Just imagine how disappointed you’d be after crafting great content and failing to carry the momentum with unexpected glaring errors. Proofreading [...]

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Tricks to TRACE LOST iPads, iPhone, iPods

How can you find your lost iPhone, iPad, or misplaced iPod Touch, and even Mac when it is misplaced? Is there any tracking software or iPhone app which you can install in these gadgets which will help you in tracking your missing iPhone or iPad and find where you misplaced your expensive gadget. Find Lost iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac There [...]

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Tricks to Create WP SEO Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs is the link trail you see on top of many web pages which defines site structure. Many new rich snippets are possible with schema org implementation, which allows webmasters to implement code which allows search engines to understand your breadcrumbs and display them in results. Google Webmasters advices that the code is very strict, can be implemented in Microdata [...]

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